“Help Me To Do It Myself”

montessoriIt is the wish lying in almost every child’s hearth. We seem to get caught up in the rat race of life and end up doing our children’s work for them. In our desire to reach the end right away, we underestimate the fact that children enjoy the process. However, when a child’s work is done for them by parent or other adult, the development of self discipline and independence is restricted.

Montessori education, lets children enjoy the process of doing and gives them confidence to complete tasks all by themselves. Through Montessori education, children learn good work habits that will last a lifetime and, most important of all, they gain a sense of responsibility.



  • Montessori education with worldwide proven validity
  • Montessori Certified Teachers
  • Experienced native English-speaking teachers
  • Hobby classes without performance anxiety
  • Weekly doctor checks
  • A healthy, homemade, balanced and ecological nutrition program
  • Psychological consultancy service (*)
  • Secure and enjoyable playground made of natural materials
  • Carefully selected field trips and shows
  • Comfortable and safe school bus


(*) Above psychological consultancy is offered to children and their parents by Psychology Consultant and School Manager Hilal Mutlusoy Öktem.